Funeral Service in Huntington Park

Huntington Park Funeral Service

Traditional Huntington Park funerals can be planned with the help of a funeral home in Huntington Park. The funeral home representative will explain how to arrange funeral services, what to expect for funeral expenses, and can even go over the benefits of pre-planning your funeral.

Making Funeral Arrangements Easily

When you lose a loved one it can be emotional which sometimes makes planning a local funeral service near you difficult. The funeral home in Huntington Park has a variety of ways to ease the burden of funeral planning. Funeral companies put together packages with the traditional Huntington Park funeral elements so that the planning process runs smoothly. The three traditional elements of local funeral service include visitation time, a funeral ceremony, and a burial service.

Huntington Park Visitation and Viewing

The first element of a funeral in Huntington Park is the visitation and viewing time. This period of time is set up so that family and friends may gather together, visit with each other, and view the body of the deceased in an open casket.

The visitation and viewing time is usually set up at the funeral home in Huntington Park; however, it could also take place at a private residence, church, or another place of worship. This is also a time when certain religious ceremonies or vigils may take place.

Visitation and viewing services take place at least one day prior to the funeral ceremony. If needed, there can be multiple days set aside for visitation and viewing services depending on the family’s needs. There are instances when a family may choose to have limited services and the visitation and viewing can take place on the same day as the funeral ceremony.

Huntington Park Funeral Ceremony

Local funeral service near Huntington Park will continue with the funeral ceremony after the visitation and viewing time has ended. The funeral ceremony is a time when family and friends of the deceased gather to hear a eulogy.

A eulogy is given by a family member, close friend, or member of the clergy. The point of the eulogy is to honor the life of the deceased. The speaker may choose to talk about the accomplishments of the deceased, say prayers, read verses from the Bible, and play music. If a family does not want a traditional eulogy they may have several speakers share beloved memories and stories about the deceased. When the funeral ceremony is over, the funeral provider will prepare the casket for transportation and the funeral procession.

During the funeral procession, those who gathered for the funeral ceremony will proceed to the cemetery for the final element of the Hunting Park funeral, the burial services. Passers-by will pause while the procession takes place as a sign of respect.

Huntington Park Burial Service

At the cemetery, the speaker who gave the eulogy will typically give another, shorter graveside service. This service commits the body of the deceased to its final resting place. The funeral service provider will complete the burial services after the graveside service is complete.

How Much is a Funeral in Huntington Park

Funeral pricing is usually based on the number of services that are chosen. Another factor of the funeral cost is how long each element takes place. The Huntington Park funeral company will offer low-cost funeral packages that include the elements of a traditional funeral.

If a family is looking for a cheap funeral then there will also be a package for affordable funeral service. Limited services for a funeral in Huntington Park are available. One way to arrange limited services is to have all three elements of the traditional funeral take place on the same day at the Huntington Park funeral home. Another way to arrange limited services is to omit any services that are not wanted.

Additional factors that will affect the total funeral cost are the casket cost, burial plot cost, and headstone cost, to name a few. When everything is said and done you should expect to pay anywhere from $11,000 to $15,000 for a Huntington Park funeral.

Benefits of Pre-Planning Funeral Service

There are financial and personal benefits to pre-planning your funeral service. Financially, pre-planning is beneficial because it allows you to lock in today’s rate for a future funeral and avoid inflation costs. Personally, pre-planning is beneficial because you will be able to make your wishes known and your family will not have to make any decisions about your funeral arrangements.

Why Choose Douglass Family Mortuary for Huntington Park Funerals

You should choose Douglass Family Mortuary for a Huntington Park funeral because they are the area’s leading funeral company. They have been locally owned and run for over eighty years. Three generations of the Douglass family have committed themselves to provide the best services at affordable prices.

In addition to funeral services, Douglass Family Mortuary offers cremation services, pre-planning services, and keepsake creation. Contact the funeral home directly for funeral consultation and planning services.