Cremation in Lakewood

Lakewood Cremation

A traditional cremation company can help you easily plan local cremation services near Lakewood. They can help you arrange affordable services or help you if you are pre-planning your cremation. Local cremation service planning doesn’t have to be difficult. When you are making cremation arrangements make sure to choose a cremation provider with years of experience that will honor timeless traditions and provide caring and compassionate services.

Low-Cost Cremation Services

Direct cremation services can be planned through cremation companies near you. In addition to direct services that do not include any memorial services, cremation companies offer packages that have traditional services including memorial ceremonies and cremation services. The mortuary will work with the local crematorium to provide simple cremation services while the memorial or remembrance services are held at a different facility.

Local cremation service providers work with the Lakewood crematory to provide cheap cremation options. The crematory provides the private cremation and the mortuary is able to handle all remaining viewing, memorial, and commitment services following the Lakewood cremation.

Cremation pricing may include memorial arrangements that have been planned. Traditional Lakewood cremation services with memorial ceremonies can be planned for under $3,000 if a discounted cremation package has been chosen through the cremation company.

Direct cremation services that do not have any memorial services before or after the cremation will run slightly over $1,000. These services are also planned through the local cremation company.

Traditional Cremation Services in Lakewood

Packages with complete cremation and memorial services are put together by cremation companies. They do this to offer discounted cremation pricing and it helps make traditional cremation services in Lakewood easier to plan. The most common package includes:

  • Funeral Director and staff services
  • Transportation of the remains
  • Preparing and caring for the body
  • Viewing and visitation services
  • Funeral ceremony at the chapel
  • Complete cremation services

If memorial services that are included with the traditional cremation services in Lakewood aren’t wanted there are also basic packages offered by the cremation service provider.

Basic Cremation Service in Lakewood

Basic cremation services that are provided by the cremation company offer full cremation services with limited memorial services. Basic cremation service packages include:

  • Funeral Director and staff service
  • Transportation of the body
  • Viewing and visitation services
  • Local cremation near you
  • Internment ceremony

Cremation Process

The cremation process is always done in a dignified manner that takes complete care of the deceased. The cremation process may vary slightly depending on the cremation company, but generally, they all follow the same steps.

The mortuary will first get permission from the family of the deceased to begin cremation services. Then they will arrange for the body of the deceased to be transported to the mortuary. The mortuary might request that positive identification be made if a family member wasn’t present at the time of passing. If a family member was present then this process may be skipped.

Once cremation and memorial service plans are made, the body of the deceased will be transferred to the local crematorium in Lakewood. At the crematorium, the private cremation will take place in a single cremation chamber. The crematory will not perform multiple cremations at the same time in the same chamber.

Following the complete cremation, the cremated remains will be placed in a cremation urn. The remains will be returned to the mortuary for remembrance services or they will be released to the family.

A family may choose to have internment services when the final disposition is scheduled. The funeral director and staff will be available to help with the service. Commitment services take place wherever the remains are to be buried, entombed, or scattered.

This could be in a grave at the local cemetery, in a mausoleum niche at the cemetery, or at the place where the family chooses to scatter the remains.

If the remains are not going to be buried, entombed, or scattered, a family may choose to keep the remains with them in a cremation urn. Cremation urns come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. The cremation service provider will have the ability to show you a variety of cremation urns that they have available. If needed, they can special order a cremation urn for your specific needs.

Cremation urns will also vary depending on where it will be placed. If the urn is to be buried or entombed a traditional or simple cremation urn will work well. If the cremation urn is to stay with someone they may want a more functional urn. Functional urns can be garden stones, outdoor urns, desk clocks, sculptures, statues, or decorative looking. Keepsakes are also available for purchase from the local cremation company.

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