Cremation in Florence

Florence Cremation

It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task when you are making cremation arrangements for cremation service in Florence. With the help of a local cremation provider, you can choose to have direct cremation services without any memorial services or you can arrange affordable cremation services with memorial services. A local cremation company can also assist if you are pre-planning your cremation.

By offering their clients packages, cremation service providers make it easy to plan low-cost cremation services. A variety of memorial services and cremation services can be arranged so that families have the chance to honor their loved one in a special way. This guide is just what you need if you are curious about learning more about traditional cremation and cremation pricing. Your questions about cremation will be answered and you will know how to find the best provider for local cremation near you.

Simple Cremation Process

Cremation service begins after the mortuary has permission to transfer the body of the deceased. At the mortuary, if a relative was not present at the time of passing, a family member may be asked to make a positive identification of the deceased.

Then, the mortuary will transport the body of the deceased to the local crematorium. This is where simple cremation will take place. There will be a metal identification disc placed with the body of the deceased to ensure that the deceased is never misidentified at the crematory. The remains will be collected and sent from the Florence crematory back to the mortuary for memorial services to take place when the private cremation is complete.

Traditional Cremation Ceremony Services

Local cremation services near Florence that are followed by traditional memorial ceremonies are arranged by local cremation companies. These memorial services can be arranged in a variety of ways. It is up to the family to follow the recommendations of the cremation company for how the local cremation services and memorial ceremonies are arranged.

The funeral director and staff will assist with traditional cremation and memorial services. If there is going to be a viewing service, the remains will be transferred to the funeral home. The body of the deceased will be embalmed and arranged for viewing services. Viewing and visitation services take place for three hours. A funeral ceremony in the facility’s chapel can take place following viewing and visitation.

Cremation service providers offer a variety of other service options for those who choose not to have traditional services. For example, a basic service option may be chosen. This service will also include the assistance of the funeral director and staff. The remains will be transferred to the crematory for a simple cremation instead of being embalmed if viewing services are not to be held. The remains will be released following cremation for the committal ceremony.

In addition to the Florence cremation service, the cremation company will have other services available. Work with the Florence cremation service provider to arrange additional services like:

  • A celebration of life service
  • Remembrance services
  • Anniversary services

The selections you make during the planning process will have an impact, positively or negatively, on the total cost of the cremation services.

Cremation Pricing

There are three ways that cremation pricing can be done. First, plan a Florence cremation and memorial service by working with the cremation service provider and select one of the cheap cremation packages offered. The cremation company designed these packages to make planning easy for families.

Second, plan Florence cremation and memorial services by picking each service individually. This may increase the total cost of the cremation; however, it allows you to choose only the services that you need.

Third, plan for a Florence cremation by skipping formal memorial services altogether and using only direct cremation services. This is a good option for anyone who wants to make memorial service plans separate from the mortuary.

The total cremation cost will also depend on other factors like add-ons that you choose. Most likely, you will have to add on the cremation urn as well as the place of final disposition. If the remains are to be buried in a gravesite or placed in a mausoleum then a simple cremation urn will work nicely. The gravesite or mausoleum pricing will increase the total cremation cost, too.

You can expect your expenses to be around $3,000 or less for a traditional cremation with memorial services in Florence. You should expect to pay a little over $1,000 for direct cremation services only.

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