Funeral Service in Bellflower

Bellflower Funeral Service

Following the loss of a loved one, you should find the best local funeral service near Bellflower to arrange a funeral service. By speaking with a local funeral service provider you will have the opportunity to learn about funeral service packages and better understand funeral pricing. You are sure to get the best local funeral service at an affordable price when you choose a funeral provider that is experienced and trustworthy.

How Much is a Funeral in Bellflower

There are several factors that determine how much a funeral in Bellflower will cost. The biggest thing that will determine your funeral cost is whether or not you choose a package provided by the funeral company. Funeral companies have packages set up to help you minimize your funeral expenses and make planning easier.

The average funeral in Bellflower starts at $11,000. This price estimate includes the complete funeral service, casket cost, and burial service. The funeral company will also have cheap funeral service options. A lot will depend on the services that the funeral home in Bellflower provides.

Complete Bellflower Funeral and Burial Service

You can arrange a complete funeral ceremony with Bellflower burial service through the funeral home in Bellflower. A complete funeral package typically includes:

  • Funeral director and staff assistance
  • Visitation and viewing services at the funeral home
  • Embalming and arranging in the open or closed casket
  • Funeral ceremony
  • Funeral procession to the cemetery
  • Graveside service
  • Complete burial services

There are other service options available if you do not want the visitation time or funeral ceremony to be held at the Bellflower funeral home. These services can be set up at a local church or another place of worship. Additionally, these services can be arranged as a home wake and home funeral if desired.

Limited & Local Funeral Service Near You

If complete funeral services are not wanted then limited funeral services are available. Limited funeral services can be arranged for all of the traditional funeral service elements to take place within one day.

Limited funeral services can also be arranged with fewer elements. Condensed funeral services do not have to include all traditional funeral service elements and can be arranged to meet the family’s specific needs. Funeral companies will have add-on services so that every package that they offer can be completely customized.

Immediate Burial Options

Families will sometimes need expedited burial services. These requests can be accommodated by the Bellflower funeral home within reason. There are several things that the mortuary will need before immediate burial services can take place. This includes getting the medical certificate of death, legal certifications, and permits required for burial services to take place.

The funeral company will perform immediate burial services as soon as all of the legal requirements are met. If time permits and the family desires, there can be shortened memorial services and graveside services.

Funeral Merchandise

Funeral companies offer funeral merchandise for their clients to purchase in addition to the funeral service packages that they offer. Funeral merchandise can be used during the visitation service, funeral ceremony, graveside service, and more. There is also funeral merchandise that can be used as a small memento of remembrance by the family members of the deceased.

Printed Merchandise

Printed merchandise is available for purchase to be used during funeral services. There are many commonly selected printed items to have at the funeral services including:

  • Prayer and memorial cards
  • Memorial bookmarks
  • Custom remembrance posters
  • Memorial hand fans
  • Guest books
  • Funeral pamphlets
  • Thank you notes

The funeral company can have these materials designed and printed after the planning consultation for use during the funeral services.

Funeral Keepsakes

Individual family members may choose to have a unique keepsake made that helps them to honor and remember the life of the deceased. This is in addition to the printed merchandise that may be saved after a funeral service. Commonly requested keepsakes are smaller items that can be engraved with important information like the name of the deceased, their birth date, date of death, or other significant information. Some funeral companies have the ability to order keepsakes with the fingerprint or thumbprint of the deceased engraved on them.

Memorialization Items

There are larger memorialization products available, too. These items are usually designed to be kept in a permanent location. Examples include sidewalk pavers, garden stones, dedicated plants, and memorial benches or statues.

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