Funeral Service in Lynwood

Lynwood Funeral Service

Local funeral service near Lynwood is best planned with the help of a representative at the funeral home in Lynwood. They can help you if you are looking into making funeral arrangements, pre-planning your funeral, or are needing information about funeral pricing. Funeral service providers in Lynwood have the ability to help you easily arrange funeral services.

There are many options for a funeral in Lynwood. It is a good idea to go into the Lynwood funeral home with some idea of what kind of funeral ceremony you want to hold.

Options for Local Funeral Service

Funeral companies offer their clients a variety of options for funeral services. While each funeral company will have different packages, many of them will have at least one package for complete funeral services and one for limited funeral services. Some funeral homes in Lynwood may even offer home wakes and home funerals. Your funeral provider will be able to walk you through what each of their packages entails. Below are examples of common Lynwood funeral service options.

Complete Funeral Services Ending in Burial Service

Many families are accustomed to complete funeral services. These traditional services include a visitation period. It is usually held one day before the funeral ceremony takes place at the mortuary. Religious services, like a prayer service or vigil, may take place during visitation time. The casket may be open for viewing or it may be closed depending on the family’s wishes.

Following the visitation will be a time for a formal ceremony. This ceremony can happen at the funeral home in Lynwood, a local church, or another place of worship. Following the funeral ceremony, there will be a procession to the cemetery graveside for a committal service. Once the committal service is over the mortuary staff will complete the Lynwood burial service.

Limited Funeral Service Ending in Burial Service

There are times when families do not want to have lengthy or complete funeral services. For this reason, the local funeral service near you may be shortened into limited services. There are a few ways for limited services to take place.

The first way that a family can choose to have limited services is to hold all of the traditional services on one day. This means that there will be less time for each component of the complete funeral service; however, it still allows for the family to have each of the traditional components.

The second way that a family can choose to have limited services is to eliminate one or more of the components of the traditional funeral services, but keep funeral service in Lynwood as their main or only component.

Home Wakes and Funerals

For some families, it is customary to have a home wake or home funeral. This means that the visitation and funeral ceremony would be held at the home of a relative of the deceased. Lynwood funerals can be arranged to take place at a private residence with the assistance of the funeral home.

These services often feel very family-centered and intimate. They give the mourning family the ability to grieve in a familiar place with the comfort of their friends and family. Home wakes and home funerals are especially meaningful to the families that choose to have services done this way.

Each of the above funeral options will have different funeral expenses that factor into the total funeral cost. In addition to the services that are held, you will need to factor in the specifics for the burial costs, too.

Affordable Funeral Service

You might be wondering how much is a funeral. Lynwood funeral companies are able to provide low-cost funeral plans to their clients. Each of the above service options will be priced differently. A cheap funeral can be planned by choosing limited funeral services that end in burial services. You can expect to pay upwards of $10,000 for a Lynwood funeral with a casket.

The casket that you choose will make an impact on the total amount of the funeral cost. Most funeral homes have a showroom with caskets that range in price from $1,000 to $4,000. The biggest factor in casket price is the material that the casket is made of.

Additional things that factor into how much a funeral includes:

  • Burial plot cost
  • Headstone or gravemarker
  • Mausoleum
  • Funeral merchandise

Work with your funeral provider to make the best selections and service arrangements.

Why Choose Douglass Family Mortuary for Lynwood Funerals

You should choose Douglass Family Mortuary for your Lynwood funeral needs. In addition to funeral services, they help with pre-planning your funeral and offer cremation services. They have proudly served Lynwood and the surrounding community for eighty years.

The staff at Douglas Family Mortuary is highly trained and committed to providing funeral services that are honorable and memorable. Three generations of the Douglas family have provided the community with quality services at affordable prices. Contact a representative for a funeral consultation today.