Funeral Service in Maywood

Maywood Funeral Service

Contact a local funeral company if you need to arrange funeral services for a funeral in Maywood or the surrounding area. The funeral provider can help you get a funeral cost estimate, understand what decisions must be made when making funeral arrangements, and can also help you with pre-planning your funeral.

How Much is a Funeral in Maywood

It is possible to plan an affordable funeral service in Maywood if you have some help. Funeral companies provide their clients with low-cost funeral plans that not only make planning easier it helps them to choose cheap funeral service options, too. The funeral home in Maywood will be transparent with their funeral pricing throughout the planning process. This will ensure that local funeral services are planned within your budget whenever possible.

The funeral home in Maywood offers a traditional funeral package that includes visitation service at the Maywood funeral home, a Maywood funeral ceremony, and Maywood burial services.

Packages are not necessarily all-inclusive. Costs that funeral services providers do not include in packages because they vary are the casket cost, burial plot cost, headstone cost, and the cost of any merchandise or keepsakes that are purchased. The funeral home in Maywood can add all of the costs together for you. Expect the total funeral cost to start at around $11,000.

Traditional Funeral Service Plan

After the planning consultation at the Maywood funeral home, the mortuary will prepare the body for the services. The three traditional Maywood funeral elements are visitation, funeral ceremony, and the graveside service.

Visitation Services

Visitation services are the first element of the traditional funeral in Maywood. This is a time when visitors can gather together, pay their respects to the deceased, and visit with the deceased’s family. The immediate family members usually stay for the duration of the services, but most visitors will only stay for a short time. Attendees at the visitation are able to view the deceased in an open casket while they say their goodbyes.

Visitation services happen one day before the funeral for a set amount of hours. A funeral home may suggest that this service is held over multiple days if the family needs a longer visitation time.

Funeral Ceremony

The funeral ceremony is the second element of a traditional Maywood funeral. This ceremony typically includes a eulogy with prayers, Bible verse readings, and meaningful music. The person who delivers the eulogy is a member of the clergy, a family member, or a close friend of the deceased.

Most families choose to hold the funeral ceremony at the Maywood funeral home, but it may also take place at a local church, another place of worship, or family home if a home funeral is wanted. When the funeral ceremony has come to an end the Funeral Director will ready the casket for transport to the cemetery. Attendees at the funeral ceremony will follow behind the vehicle that carries the casket to the cemetery.

Graveside Burial Services

Once at the cemetery, a graveside service will be delivered by the person who gave the eulogy. This service is not as lengthy as the funeral ceremony, It is a time for final prayers to be said, Bible verses to be read, and last goodbyes. This service is also known as a committal service. It is when the body of the deceased will be committed to its final resting place. The funeral service provider will complete the burial services after the graveside service.

Pre-Plan Local Funeral Service Near Maywood

There are financial benefits and emotional benefits to pre-planning your funeral. Not only will you benefit from pre-planning your funeral, but your family will benefit, too.

Financial Benefits of Pre-Planning Services

Pre-planning your funeral service allows you and your family to financially benefit from your decisions. This is because when you plan and prepay for the funeral you will lock in the current funeral pricing. Additionally, you will avoid inflation costs that will occur after you make your payment. Finally, your family will not have to make any payments for your funeral services when you die.

Emotional Benefits of Pre-Planning Services

The emotional benefit of pre-planning your services is that you will ensure that your final wishes are known and carried out to your specifications. Your family will also benefit because they will not have to make any hard decisions when they are mourning your death.

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