Cremation in Inglewood

Inglewood Cremation

Local cremation service near Inglewood can be planned easily through a traditional cremation company. The local cremation service can help you arrange affordable cremation service for a loved one or help if you are pre-planning your cremation. Making cremation arrangements doesn’t have to be difficult, simply used a cremation provider that has years of experience and provides compassionate cremation service.

Low-Cost Cremation Services

Cremation companies near you can help you plan direct cremation services. They do this by offering packages with cremation services and traditional memorial service elements. They will work with the local crematorium to offer you simple cremation services.

Cheap cremation can be planned using local cremation services providers because they work with the Inglewood crematory. Private cremation will take place at the crematory. The mortuary will arrange memorial services in their service room at the Inglewood cremation facility following the cremation.

Special memorial arrangements can be included in the cremation pricing. It is possible to hold traditional Inglewood cremation services for under $3,000 when you choose a cremation company that has discounted cremation packages.

Traditional Cremation Service in Inglewood

Cremation companies have packages with everything you need for complete cremation and memorial services for families who want traditional cremation services in Inglewood. Traditional services include:

  • Funeral Director assistance and staff service
  • Transportation of the deceased
  • Preparing the body of the deceased
  • Viewing services at the local facility
  • Funeral ceremony in the chapel
  • Simple cremation services

If a family chooses not to have traditional cremation services in Inglewood, they can speak with the Inglewood cremation service provider about basic service packages.

Basic Cremation Service in Inglewood

There are times when a family chooses not to hold traditional cremation services with a memorial service. The goal of the basic cremation service package provided by the cremation company is to provide local cremation near you at an affordable price. Basic service includes:

  • Funeral Director assistance and staff service
  • Transportation of the deceased
  • Viewing services at the facility
  • Internment or committal ceremony

Additional services and merchandise are available for purchase through the cremation company. This allows you to add items on an as-needed basis.

Cremation Process

Many people are unfamiliar with the cremation process. The cremation process is done in a respectful manner and complete care of the deceased is always a top priority.

Following the passing of the deceased, someone will contact the mortuary. A staff member at the mortuary will arrange for the transfer of the body of the deceased from the place of their death to the mortuary. If a family member was present at the time of death there may not be a need for positive identification; however, if a family member wasn’t present at the time of passing then the mortuary will request that positive identification of the deceased be made.

After that, the body of the deceased will be transferred from the mortuary to the local crematorium in Inglewood. The private cremation will take place at the crematorium in a single cremation chamber. At no time will there be multiple cremations in the same chamber at the same time.

Once the cremation has been completed, the remains of the deceased will be collected and placed in a cremation urn. After that, the remains will be transferred back to the mortuary for memorial services, internment services, or will be released to the family.

If a family chooses to have an internment service then the mortuary will arrange for staff and funeral director services at the place where the remains will be put in their final resting place. This could be in a grave at the local cemetery, in a mausoleum niche at the cemetery, or at the place where the family chooses to scatter the remains.

Not all families wish to place the remains permanently in a gravesite or mausoleum niche. Sometimes families will choose to keep the remains in a cremation urn at their residence. Cremation urns come in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and colors. The cremation service provider can show you some of the options that they have on hand. If needed, they can special order a cremation urn to fit your exact specifications.

Cremation urns can be designed in many ways. There are many options for people who choose to keep the remains with them. Different cremation urn styles include:

  • Garden stone
  • Outdoor pillar
  • Clock
  • Decorative urn
  • Statue or sculpture

In addition to cremation urns, there are also keepsakes available for purchase from the local cremation company.

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