Funeral Service in Willowbrook

Willowbrook Funeral Service

When you are making funeral arrangements you may have many questions that you need answers to. How much is a funeral in Willowbrook? Are there low-cost funeral options? What are the benefits of pre-planning your funeral? With the answers to these questions, you will be better equipped to plan a service with local funeral providers.

How Much is Willowbrook Funeral

When you are comparing funeral expenses across the different funeral companies it is important to know that the funeral pricing will depend on a number of factors. The funeral cost will depend on whether or not you choose a funeral package.

If you choose a package that is offered by the funeral provider then the package price will depend on which services are included. On the flip side, if you do not choose a package, the cost will depend on each individual item and service cost. You will have to factor in the casket cost, the Willowbrook burial service cost, and fees associated with the local funeral service.

The average funeral in Willowbrook costs between $11,000 and $15,000. The funeral company can help you arrange funeral services if you choose a package that they offer. They can also help you arrange cheap funeral services. Other things that will factor into the cost of a local funeral service near you will include how much it costs for a burial plot or other final resting place.

Are There Affordable Funeral Service Options

Willowbrook funerals can be planned to fit within a variety of budgets. The funeral company that you choose must be transparent with its pricing. This will help you when you are making the funeral service plans at the funeral home in Willowbrook. Most plans presented by the Willowbrook funeral home will include a traditional service plan as well as a limited-service plan.

Why Should You Pre-Plan a Funeral in Willowbrook

The funeral home in Willowbrook not only specializes in planning at-time funeral services, but they are also able to help if you are pre-planning your funeral. There are both financial and personal benefits to pre-planning your funeral.

Financial Benefits

When you pre-plan your funeral services at the funeral home in Willowbrook you will be able to lock in the current funeral pricing for a funeral that will take place in the future. Not only will your funeral costs not increase, but your family will not have to worry about funeral expenses at the time of your passing.

Personal Benefits

You will also discover that there are many personal benefits to planning your funeral with the Willowbrook funeral home. All of your final wishes will be known. Your family will not have to make any tough decisions after your death. Everything will be laid out for your family by the funeral home which will provide some relief to your family during their time of mourning.

Funeral Schedule

Traditional funerals follow the same basic funeral schedule. First is the visitation, then the funeral ceremony, and finally the graveside and burial services. Each of these events can be designed to be unique, special, and memorable.


Once the funeral plan has been set and the mortuary receives the body of the deceased the mortuary will prepare the body for visitation. This includes embalming, dressing, and arranging the deceased in the casket. Visitation will be scheduled to take place at least one day prior to the funeral ceremony at the funeral home.

The visitation service is a time when family and friends of the deceased can gather, mourn together, and show support for each other. The body of the deceased may be viewed in an open casket or will be presented in a closed casket, whichever the family chooses. During the visitation, some religious ceremonies, like praying the rosary or evening vigil, may take place.

Funeral Ceremony

The funeral ceremony will take place following the visitation services. During the funeral ceremony, someone will give a eulogy. The speaker may be a member of the clergy, a close friend of the deceased, or a family member. During the eulogy, the speaker will talk about the life of the deceased, pray, and read from the bible. If a family does not want a traditional eulogy then they may have several speakers share stories about the life of the deceased.

Graveside and Burial Service

After the funeral ceremony, everyone gathered can proceed to the cemetery. A short graveside service can be performed prior to the final burial services.

Why Choose Douglass Family Mortuary for Willowbrook Funerals

Douglass Family Mortuary has served the Willowbrook community for over eighty years. Their staff is highly trained and can help you plan a variety of services. They specialize in Willowbrook funerals, burial services, and cremation services.

For three generations the Douglass family has been committed to providing local funeral service near Willowbrook at affordable prices. You should choose them because they are the best funeral company in Willowbrook. Contact them directly for a consultation.