Funeral Service in Vernon

Vernon Funeral Service

Following the loss of a loved one, the best place to plan local funeral services is a funeral home in Vernon. When you work with a locally owned funeral company then planning the local funeral services near you can be done easily. Local funeral companies are able to assist you with making funeral arrangements easier because they understand the local traditions and customs of the community. They are also able to provide affordable funeral service packages, offer cremation services, and can assist you with pre-planning your funeral, too.

How to Arrange Funeral Services

The first thing that you should do when you need assistance with planning a local funeral service near Vernon is to set up a consultation at the funeral home in Vernon. Funeral service providers will tell you about the services they offer and can help you make low-cost funeral decisions.

It is possible for your Vernon funeral service plans to deviate from traditional plans in order to meet your family’s specific needs.

Traditional Funeral Service Plan

There are three main elements in a traditional funeral plan. The three elements are the visitation, the funeral ceremony, and the burial service with graveside committal ceremony. Each one of these services lasts for a different amount of time and has a specific purpose.

Vernon Funeral Visitation

Visitation is the first element of a traditional service plan. It can be arranged to take place at the funeral home in Vernon, a local church, or can be arranged as a home wake. This element is set up for several hours at a time at least one day prior to the funeral services. Visitation can also take place over several days, especially if there is a lot of family coming in from out of town.

During visitation, visitors will say their goodbyes and view the body of the deceased if there is an open casket. Vigils, praying the rosary, and other religious services may take place to close out the visitation services.

Funeral Ceremony

When the visitation period has ended, the Vernon funeral ceremony will take place and a speaker will deliver a eulogy to those in attendance. The eulogy is a speech that is meant to honor and remember the life of the deceased. It may also include music, prayer, and Bible reading. The person who delivers the eulogy may be a family member, a close friend of the deceased, or a religious leader. If the family does not want a traditional eulogy then they can opt to have multiple speakers share fond memories of their time with the deceased.

Vernon Burial Service

When the funeral ceremony is over the attendees may participate in the funeral procession. This is when the vehicle carrying the casket and body of the deceased is taken to the ceremony and the attendees follow in their cars. A graveside service can be performed to commit the remains of the deceased to the earth, the final resting place. The funeral company will complete the burial services after the graveside services are over.

Limited Funeral Service Plan

Limited funeral service plans are available if a traditional service plan is not wanted. The funeral company will work to plan limited services that can take place in one day or leave out specific elements that are not wanted. Funeral service plans can be as limited or grandiose as the family wants.

How Much is a Funeral in Vernon

It is understandable that more people are requesting cheap funerals because funeral costs have been on the rise. There are several factors that will impact the total funeral pricing, including the casket cost, the burial plot, the headstone, and the specific service elements that are chosen.

Packages are available for traditional funeral services that are under $3,000. When you factor in the casket cost, burial plot, headstone, and other services not included in the package then the average funeral cost in Vernon is around $11,000.

Why Work with a Funeral Provider to Pre-Plan Your Funeral

If possible, you should preplan your funeral with a funeral provider. In addition to making sure that your wishes are known you will be able to lock the funeral pricing and ensure that your family does not have to pay for funeral expenses following your death. When you preplan your funeral you will take an emotional burden off of your family at the time of your passing, too.

Douglass Family Mortuary for Vernon Funerals is Preferred

The best funeral home to help you plan a funeral in Vernon is Douglass Family Mortuary. They have served the community by providing quality services at low prices for over eighty years.

Douglass Family Mortuary is capable of arranging services for a funeral at the Vernon funeral home as well as assisting with cremation services, burial services, pre-planning services, and more. Choose Douglass Family Mortuary because they are the leading funeral provider in Vernon.