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Paramount Cremation

You need to find a Paramount cremation service provider when you need help organizing a cremation service and memorial service for your loved one. The number one reason to choose a local cremation company is that they can not only help if you are making cremation arrangements at the time of passing, but they can also help with pre-planning your cremation. Planning affordable cremation services easily can be done by choosing a simple cremation package through a cremation service in Paramount.

Elements of Cremation Services in Paramount

Traditional cremation services have five main elements. These elements are visitation, eulogy, procession, committal service, and gathering. For planning a local cremation service with memorial services you should speak with a local cremation provider.


The mortuary will arrange for a set time for visitation and viewing prior to the private cremation. This time is available for family and friends to grieve together, mourn together, and support each other. The body of the deceased may be in an open casket or a closed casket depending on what the family decides. This time period will give the family and friends that have gathered time to say goodbye.


After the visitation and viewing have concluded, there can be a service set up in the chapel. During this service, someone will speak about the life of the deceased. The speaker is usually a family member, close friend, or clergy member. Families who choose to forgo a classic eulogy may choose to have multiple speakers share stories and memories.


When the eulogy is over there will be a procession to the gravesite. The procession gives the community a chance to show their respect and pause while the mourners proceed to the cemetery or final resting place.

Committal Service

When the procession has arrived at the destination, there will be a commitment service. This is when final goodbyes will be said and last words will be spoken. The remains of the deceased will be committed to their final resting place.


After the local cremation service near Paramount and the memorial services have concluded there may be a gathering. The gathering, or reception, may be held at a hall or local gathering place. Food and drinks may be served for the guests. During the gathering, the friends and family who mourned together during the memorial services will have a chance to support each other and reflect on the preceding services.

Some families do not want to arrange any formal memorial services. If you choose not to have any memorial services, then you can arrange for direct cremation services instead of cremation services followed by memorial services. Direct cremation services take place at the local crematorium and are usually unscheduled and unattended; however, a family may choose to schedule and attend if they prefer.

Local Cremation Near You

The cremation company can help make arrangements for the memorial services and the cremation services to be set up exactly how the family chooses. Sometimes remembrance services are set to take place before the cremation and other times they are set up after the cremation has taken place.

Following the cremation services, the remains of the deceased will be placed in a cremation urn at the Paramount crematory. The remains will be returned to the mortuary for final disposition or the remaining memorial services.

Paramount Cremation Packages

Ask about cheap cremation options when you are working with a cremation service provider. Paramount cremation packages can be adjusted to your liking. Cremation pricing will depend on:

  • Memorial services chosen
  • The cremation urn selected
  • Final resting place

With the help of a local cremation service provider, a low-cost cremation can be planned. The family can make cremation service arrangements easily by choosing a cremation package that is offered by the cremation company.

Traditional cremation packages that include simple cremation and memorial services are the most common packages that cremation companies offer. Limited memorial service packages are also available through your cremation company. Keepsakes items will also be available for purchase from the cremation company in Paramount.

Commemorative items that can be ordered and specially made include plaques, benches, garden stones, and more. Smaller items include jewelry that is engraved with the name of the deceased or holds a small portion of their ashes.

Cremation urns will also be available for purchase from the cremation company following cremation services. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be plain or heavily personalized.

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