Funeral Service in Bell Gardens

Bell Gardens Funeral Service

You should work with a local funeral company if you need to plan a Bell Gardens funeral. You are more likely to receive compassionate and affordable funeral services if you work with a funeral company that has experience providing funerals in Bell Gardens. In addition to providing funeral services, local funeral providers offer cremation services and can help with pre-planning your funeral.

A funeral service provider at the funeral home in Bell Gardens is able to help you with making funeral arrangements. During the funeral consultation, the representative can discuss the available low-cost funeral options.

How Much is a Funeral and Burial Service in Bell Gardens

The different services and selections that are made during the funeral service planning meeting will impact the total funeral expenses. To lower the funeral cost, the funeral home in Bell Gardens offers a variety of funeral service packages. The funeral pricing is lower when you choose a package with the services that you need.

Cheap funerals are available through the funeral home in Bell Gardens, too. These funeral service plans will either include some or all of the elements of the local funeral service. Services may be shortened in length or eliminated from the plan depending on what is needed.

The average cost of a local funeral service near you starts at $11,000. Bell Gardens funeral services can be priced in one of the following ways:

  1. Funeral packages that include multiple services at discounted rates
  2. Individual services are itemized at the standard rate
  3. Pre-planned funeral at the current rates

Funeral companies will offer other services that may increase the total Bell Gardens funeral cost. Other items that will impact the total include the casket cost, burial plot cost, headstone cost, state-required fees, and more.

Packages for Local Funeral Service Near Bell Gardens

When you arrange funeral services at the Bell Gardens funeral home you should choose a package. Packages include traditional services like the funeral ceremony as well as the Bell Gardens Burial service.

Traditional Service Elements

Your funeral service provider will offer a package with the traditional funeral services. The funeral in Bell Gardens will start with visitation. This takes place at the funeral home, local church, or a relative’s private home. Visitation allows mourners to come together and support each other. The deceased may be in an open casket for final viewing.

One day after the final visitation hours there will be a funeral ceremony. At the ceremony, a speaker will give a eulogy. Additionally, they may say prayers, read from the Bible, and have music played. The speaker is typically a religious leader, family member, or close friend.

When the funeral ceremony is over the attendees will proceed from the funeral home to the cemetery. At the graveside the speaker who gave the eulogy may perform a shorter service, often called the committal service. The committal service is meant to commit the body of the deceased to its final resting place.

The committal service is the time for final goodbyes, one last prayer, and maybe one more bible verse reading before the casket is lowered. Following the committal service, the mortuary staff will complete the remaining burial services.

Limited Funeral Services

Limited funeral services may be selected by a family if they decide that they do not want to hold all of the traditional funeral service elements. The limited funeral service plan can be done to where all of the traditional funeral services elements take place for a shorter period of time all on one day. The plan could eliminate one or more of the traditional service elements, too. For example, the visitation period can be skipped if the family chooses. The funeral home will only arrange the services that the family chooses to hold.

Pre-Planning Your Funeral

You should work with a local funeral company in Bell Gardens if you want to pre-plan your funeral. A representative can review your options and tell you about the benefits of prepaying for your funeral. There are financial and emotional benefits to pre-planning your funeral.

Financial benefits of pre-planning your funeral include the ability to lock in the current funeral prices for a funeral that will take place in the future. This ensures that your family will not be charged anything for your funeral. Additionally, you will avoid the inevitable cost of inflation that occurs between the time that your funeral is paid for and the time your funeral is actually needed.

The emotional benefits of pre-planning your funeral include relieving your family of the emotional burden of having to make decisions about your funeral. You will be able to make all of the arrangements and have your wishes known ahead of needing funeral services.

Pick Douglass Family Mortuary for Bell Gardens Funerals

Douglass Family Mortuary is the best pick for Bell Gardens’ funeral needs. They have been the area’s leading funeral provider for over eighty years. Their family has made a commitment to Bell Gardens and the surrounding community to provide quality services at affordable rates.