Funeral Service in Paramount

Paramount Funeral Service

With the help of a representative at the funeral home in Paramount you can easily make funeral arrangements. In addition to planning local funeral services near Paramount, you can get help with pre-planning your funeral and better understand funeral pricing. When you need to arrange funeral services you should speak with a funeral service provider in Paramount.

It is suggested that you go into the Paramount funeral home with a general idea of what kind of funeral ceremony you want. There are many service options for a funeral in Paramount.

Options for Local Funeral Service

The list of options for funeral services offered by funeral companies is extensive. Each funeral company will have different packages that they offer, but most of them will have one package that provides complete funeral services and one that provides limited funeral services. Funeral homes in Paramount will help arrange home wakes and funerals, too.

When you are planning a funeral in Paramount, the funeral provider can help you understand what each of their packages includes. Here are three examples of Paramount funeral service packages.

Complete Funeral Services Ending in Burial Service

Complete funeral services have three main elements. This includes a time for visitation. Visitation is held at least one day prior to the funeral ceremony. Religious services may be arranged during the visitation period. Many families choose to have an open casket for viewing during the visitation.

After the visitation period there will be a funeral ceremony. The funeral ceremony can be arranged to take place at the funeral home in Paramount, a private residence, or local church. After the funeral ceremony there will be a graveside committal service. After the body of the deceased has been committed to its final resting place the funeral home staff will complete the Paramount burial service.

Limited Funeral Service Ending in Burial Service

If complete funeral services are not wanted by a family there is the option to hold limited funeral services. These services are arranged in one of two ways.

The first way that limited services can be arranged is to have all of the traditional elements of a funeral service, but shorten each one in length so they happen all in one day. This allows the family to have all three traditional elements, but in a shorter time frame.

The second way that limited services can be arranged is to omit one or more of the traditional elements. The funeral service in Paramount can be done without the traditional visitation period and funeral ceremony. A simple graveside service prior to burial services is an option.

Home Wakes and Funerals

In some cultures it is custom to have the visitation and funeral ceremony at a private residence. Paramount funeral services can be arranged at the home of a relative of the deceased with the funeral home’s assistance.

Home wakes and funerals are family-centered, intimate services. These services allow the mourning family the opportunity to grieve in a more personal environment. After the visitation and funeral ceremonies take place, the funeral home will arrange transportation to the cemetery for the burial services.

Each one of these funeral service packages will have different funeral expenses that impact the total funeral cost. There are additional costs that will need to be factored in, too. For example, permit fees, the cost of the burial plot, and more.

Affordable Funeral Service

How much is a funeral in Paramount? The answer is not as straightforward as you may think. Paramount funeral companies are able to offer their clients with low-cost funeral plans. Each service option is priced differently. Limited funeral services that end in burial services make for a cheap funeral option. A traditional Paramount funeral with casket and burial service starts at around $11,000.

The different services and the casket that you choose will have an effect on the funeral cost. When you pick out a casket you should be able to find something at the funeral home showroom that is priced under $4,000. The material of the casket is one of the biggest elements in how much the casket costs. Other items that will make an impact on how much a funeral is include:

  • Cost of the burial plot
  • Choice of headstone or gravemarker
  • Optional purchase of funeral merchandise

Your funeral provider will be transparent in their pricing and can help planning go smoothly with their recommendations.

Choose Douglass Family Mortuary for Paramount Funerals

Douglass Family Mortuary is the best choice for your Paramount funeral needs. They not only offer traditional funeral services, but they can also help with pre-planning your funeral, offer cremation services, and will make recommendations to fit your individual needs.

Douglass Family Mortuary has served Paramount and the surrounding community for over eighty years. Their staff is committed to arranging honorable and memorable funeral services. They provide the community with quality services at affordable prices. Contact one of their highly trained representatives for a funeral consultation.