Funeral Service in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Funeral Service

A funeral home in Los Angeles can help you with making funeral arrangements, cremation services, and even pre-planning your funeral. A local funeral provider is the best place to start when you are looking to plan affordable funeral services. It does not have to be difficult to plan a local funeral service, you just have to know the traditional funeral schedule and pick which funeral services that you want.

Planning with Funeral Cost in Mind

Many people are budget conscious when they go to arrange funeral services. One of the first questions asked during a consultation at the Los Angeles funeral home is usually, “how much is a funeral?” The answer depends on a number of factors.

With help from a funeral planner at the funeral home in Los Angeles, it is possible to plan a low-cost funeral. Funeral service providers offer their clients a variety of packages. These packages are designed to make planning easy and keep funeral expenses low.

Depending on your budget, you may need to plan a cheap funeral. There are ways to use the funeral pricing list to decrease the Los Angeles funeral cost. The best way to do this is to look at what each individual package includes.

An average Los Angeles funeral can be planned for under $3,000. This price does not include the casket cost, burial cost, or cost of other goods and services requested outside of a traditional funeral package. The total average cost for a local funeral service near Los Angeles from beginning to end is between $11,000 and $15,000, all in.

Traditional Funeral Schedule

Most local funeral services near you will follow a traditional funeral schedule. Each of the services included in the plan can be modified to fit your needs and be customized to be unique and memorable. There are three traditional funeral service elements included in Los Angeles funerals including visitation service, funeral ceremony, and burial service.

Visitation Service

Most funeral companies suggest that visitation services take place at least one day prior to the funeral ceremony. Visitation services can last for several days or just a few hours, whichever the family decides.

The time for visitation allows family and friends to gather, mourn together, and support each other. Visitors may view the body of the deceased in an open casket at the Los Angeles funeral home. During this time people may send flowers, cards, or gifts in memory of the deceased.

Funeral Ceremony

Following visitation services, the funeral ceremony will begin. The funeral ceremony can take place at the funeral home in Los Angeles, a local church, or even a private residence. A speaker will give a eulogy that honors the deceased. Sometimes there will be prayers said, passages read from the Bible, or music played. When the funeral ceremony is over a member of the funeral home staff will close the casket and arrange it for transportation. The visitors will proceed to the graveside following the funeral in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Burial Service

At the graveside, a short committal service may be said to commit the remains of the deceased to their final resting place. This service usually includes a short prayer and Bible passage reading. When the graveside service is complete the funeral company will proceed with the burial service.

Limited Funeral Services and Home Funeral Options

There are times when families choose not to include every element of a traditional funeral schedule or want to arrange a home funeral. The local funeral service provider is able to assist with making limited funeral service arrangements and home funerals, too.

Limited Services

Not all funeral elements are required for funeral and burial services to take place. Funeral companies offer packages with limited services for families who want a less lengthy service or want to omit a traditional element completely. For shorter services, each traditional element can be planned to take place on one day instead of being spread out over several days.

Home Funerals

Funerals were traditionally held in private residences before funeral homes were established. A traditional funeral home will include the visitation service and the funeral ceremony in a home belonging to a relative of the deceased. A local funeral service provider can help arrange a home funeral if one is desired.

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