Funeral Service in South Gate

South Gate Funeral Service

If you need to arrange a funeral service following the loss of a loved one then you should find the best local funeral service near South Gate. This will give you the opportunity to learn about the different funeral service options and get an expectation of what you will pay for funeral pricing. When you choose a funeral provider that you trust you are sure to get the best local funeral service for an affordable price.

How Much is a Funeral in South Gate

The cost of a funeral in South Gate will depend on a variety of factors. One thing that will impact the funeral cost is whether or not you choose to use a service package offered by the funeral company. Funeral companies offer service packages to help minimize the funeral expenses that their clients incur.

An average funeral in South Gate will cost between $11,000 and $15,000. This estimate covers the complete funeral services, the casket cost, and burial services. There are cheap funeral options, too. Much will depend on which services you choose from the funeral home in South Gate.

Complete South Gate Funeral and Burial

The funeral home in South Gate can help you arrange a traditional and complete funeral ceremony with South Gate burial service. A traditional package will include the following items:

  • Assistance from the funeral director and staff
  • Visitation service at the funeral home
  • Open or closed casket
  • Funeral ceremony in the chapel
  • Funeral procession to the cemetery
  • Graveside committal service

If you do not want the visitation time or funeral ceremony to be held at the South Gate funeral home then there are other options. Some families hold these services at their church or other place of worship. Other families choose to have a home wake followed by a home funeral.

Limited & Local Funeral Service Near You

Limited funeral services are available for anyone who does not want to hold complete funeral services. While complete funeral services can be lengthy and take several days, limited services can encompass all of the traditional elements but take place within a shorter time frame.

It is also possible for limited services to omit elements of the traditional funeral service that are not wanted. These condensed services may not have everything included exactly as a family wants so most funeral companies offer add-on services so that each package can be made to fit the specific needs of each family.

Immediate Burial Options

There are times when an expedited burial is requested by the family. The South Gate funeral home is able to accommodate these requests within reason. The mortuary will coordinate with the responsible entities to get the medical certificate of death, legal certifications, and permits required for burial services to take place.

This process is done as quickly as possible. Memorial services and graveside services are available to add on at the family’s request, if time permits.

Funeral Merchandise

In addition to the funeral service packages that funeral companies offer their clients, there is funeral merchandise that will also be available for the client to purchase if desired. Some of the merchandise is used during the visitation service and funeral ceremony. Other merchandise is meant to provide relatives of the deceased with a small memento of remembrance.

Printed Merchandise

There are a wide variety of printed materials that families may choose to purchase and use during the remembrance services. The most common printed items that are used include:

  • Prayer cards
  • Memorial cards
  • Memorial bookmarks
  • Custom poster
  • Memorial fan
  • A guest book
  • Funeral pamphlets
  • Thank you cards

These items will be put together and printed following the funeral consultation, but before the visitation services begin.

Funeral Keepsakes

In addition to printed merchandise that is handed out to visitors, individual family members may choose to have a unique keepsake made to honor and remember the life of the deceased. The most common funeral keepsakes that are requested are small items that can be engraved with the deceased’s name, birth date, and death date. It is also possible to engrave a small icon or the deceased’s fingerprints.

Memorialization Items

Larger items are also available for purchase. These memorialization items are usually put in a permanent location where people are able to reflect on the life and death of the deceased. Examples include garden stones, sidewalk pavers, dedicated plants, and memorial benches.

Why Choose Douglass Family Mortuary for South Gate Funerals

You should choose Douglass Family Mortuary for your South Gate funeral service needs. Three generations of the Douglass family have served the local community of South Gate. Their highly trained staff is knowledgeable in arranging low-cost funeral services, helping with pre-planning your funeral, and offer cremation services, too.

If you are making funeral arrangements then choose the leading funeral service provider for South Gate funerals – choose Douglass Family Mortuary. They are committed to providing memorable and affordable funeral services.