Cremation in Long Beach

Long Beach Cremation

You should work with a local cremation service provider if you are making cremation arrangements following the passing of your loved one. The local cremation companies in Long Beach are able to help with pre-planning your cremation, can offer affordable cremation pricing, can complete direct cremation services, and have traditional cremation services with memorial services, too.

You will receive the most personal and compassionate care from a cremation company that is local. You should find an experienced cremation provider that offers cremation service in Long Beach. You should also be familiar with the steps of cremation planning as well as understand what to expect for cheap cremation costs.

Low-Cost Cremation Expenses

Low-cost cremation services are provided by cremation companies so that they can meet their client’s needs. Representatives will assist with planning simple cremation at the local crematorium or full traditional cremation services with multiple types of memorial services.

The cost of a private cremation that takes place at the crematory start at around $1,000. This service is also known as direct cremation service and the cremation company has this option for people who do not wish to hold any formal memorial services. Other packages will increase in price as you add additional services.

Planning Traditional Cremation Services

Local cremation near you will start when the mortuary has received permission from the family. They will transfer the remains of the deceased to the mortuary. If a family member was present at the time of passing then positive identification will not be required; however, if a family member was not present then positive identification may be required.

After the consultation and planning have taken place, standard cremation services will begin. A service plan for Long Beach cremation usually includes:

  • Funeral director and staff services
  • Transfer of the remains to the Long Beach funeral home
  • Embalming, dressing, and arranging the remains in the casket
  • Viewing and visitation services for three hours at the facility
  • Funeral ceremony in the service facility chapel
  • Simple cremation at the crematorium

After cremation, the ashes of the deceased will be gathered and returned to the family. This is when the final disposition in a grave, mausoleum, or a cremation urn will take place.

A more basic package for Long Beach cremation includes:

  • Funeral director and staff services
  • Transfer of the remains to the Long Beach crematory
  • Simple cremation services at the crematorium
  • Internment or committal ceremony at the cemetery or other place of final disposition

A variety of other services can be arranged through the Long Beach cremation company. Speak with your representative so that they can help you make or adjust the arrangements if there is a service that you want to be arranged that isn’t included in the package. Services that you may want to have include celebration of life services, remembrance services, anniversary services, and more.

Cremation Urns and Keepsakes

The local cremation service provider will be able to help you with selecting a cremation urn. Additionally, they can also arrange for the creation of special memorial keepsakes if desired.

Cremation urns are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They will be made of a variety of materials, too. The final resting place of the urn can help you decide which cremation urn works best for your needs. For example, if the remains are to be buried in a gravesite or placed in a mausoleum niche then a standard urn is sufficient.

Some people choose to keep the remains at a private residence. If this is the case then you may want to choose a more stylish cremation urn. Decorative cremation urns may be made from hardwood, acrylic, stone, steel, or other materials. They can be decorative only, or they can be functional.

Some people choose to create a keepsake that encapsulates a small portion of the remains. The remains may be placed in a necklace or other piece of jewelry. If this is something that you would like then speak with your local cremation provider about the various options that they have available.

How to Choose a Local Cremation Service Provider

You will want to choose a cremation company that is locally owned when you are looking for a cremation service provider. Locally owned cremation service providers are better because they offer their clients personalized services. Local companies also support the community in a variety of helpful ways like job creation and making charitable contributions.

Why Douglas Family Mortuary for Cremation in Long Beach is Preferred

The preferred cremation provider in Long Beach and the surrounding area is Douglas Family Mortuary. For over eighty years they have provided the community with Long Beach cremation services. That’s three generations of professional and committed cremation services!

Douglas Family Mortuary is pleased to serve your family. They always provide dignified and affordable cremation services to their clients. Their cremation company will take the best care of your needs and the needs of your loved one.