Cremation in Bell Gardens

Bell Gardens Cremation

It can be hard to make final decisions after a loved one has passed away. The best thing that you can do whem making cremation arrangements is to work with a cremation provider that offers local cremation service near Bell Gardens. A representative can help you arrange a variety of services. Most cremation companies will offer planning services for simple cremation, pre-planning your funeral, and choosing cremation keepsakes.

By working with a local cremation company you are more likely to plan affordable cremation services. Local cremation near you is preferable because cremation companies are able to offer their clients better cfremation options when the client chooses local cremation services.

Low-Cost Cremation Planning in Bell Gardens

A Westmont cremation company can help make cremation service planning easy. There is a need for cheap cremation options so cremation service providers offer packages. These packages are developed to make traditional cremation services and memorial services easily planned and affordable.

The local mortuary provides cremation services in Bell Gardens. They can also arrange for direct cremation services at the local crematorium. The local cremation provider can review all of the cremation services that they have available. This includes traditional cremation services, memorial services, and limited services.

Traditional Steps for Bell Gardens Cremation Service

When you choose traditional cremation services the private cremation and memorilization services will be included. Steps for Bell Gardens cremation service include:

  1. Funeral Director and staff assistance
  2. Transportation of the remains to the mortuary
  3. Embalming and casket placement
  4. Viewing and/or visitation services
  5. Funeral ceremony services
  6. Simple crematory services

An additional internment service following the complete cremation services may also be arranged during the final disposition. If a traditional cremation with memorial services is too much, then a more basic service package may fit your needs better.

Basic Service Plan for Local Cremation Service

Basic cremation services and limited memorial services are available, too. The mortuary and the Westmont crematory will have basic cremation services that include:

  1. Funeral Director and staff assistance
  2. Transfer remains to the Bell Gardens crematorium
  3. Complete cremation services
  4. Committal or internment ceremony

A variety of products that the family of the deceased may want to purchase are available in addition to arranging the cremation services and memorialization services.

Keepsake and Memorialization Options

Cremation companies in Bell Gardens provide families with more than simple cremation services. They offer families the opportunity to create and purchase keepsakes and memorialization items. These items help the family mourn and remember the life of the deceased.

Keepsake Items

After cremation services are over, a small portion of the ashes can be placed into a special keepsake. There are a variety of other small keepsakes items that can help family members honor the life of the deceased. Items available from the local cremation company include necklaces,pendants, keychains, wristwatches, pocket knives, cuff links, dog tags, and so much more.

These items can either be designed to hold the small portion of ashes or they can be engraved with any of the following:

  • The name or nickname of the deceased
  • Their date of birth
  • Their date of death
  • An icon of something they loved
  • A fingerprint or thumbprint belonging to the deceased

Memorialization Items

In addition to small keepsake items that are offered for purchase through the cremation company, there are larger memorialization items that can be created. Memorialization items are more permanent in design than smaller keepsake items. Memorialization items that are available include:

  • Memorial plaque or photo board
  • Rememberance bench
  • Garden stone or paver brick
  • Dedicated tree, shrub, or flowers planted in a special location

There are so many ways that families can memorialize and remember the life of their loved one. A mortuary representative can help by recommending a special, personalized item.

Cremation Urns

The remains of the deceased don’t necessarily have to be placed in a crematorium, entombed, or buried in a gravesite. The family may choose to keep the remains with them at private residence. If requested, the mortuary can arrange the remains to be divided and disbursed amongst one or more cremation urns.

There are so many cremation urns to select from, but don’t get overwhelmed. The cremation company can help you sort through the many different options available. Cremation urns vary in shape, size, color, design, and material. A simple urn may be recommended for burial or entombment whereas a more decorative or functional urn may be recommended if the remains are to be displayed.

Pick Douglas Family Mortuary for Cremation in Bell Gardens

Douglas Family Mortuary is the best company to pick for cremation in Bell Gardens. They are the leading cremation provider in Bell Gardens and surrounding area. Their locally owned business has been in the family for three generations, over eighty years.

Douglas Family Mortuary is proud to offer the community compassionate cremation services that meet a variety of needs at affordable prices. Contact them directly when you need a consultation for cremation services or pre-planning your cremation services.