Cremation in Maywood

Maywood Cremation

Affordable cremation service in Maywood can be planned to meet the specific needs of your family. You should understand the cremation process when you are making cremation arrangements for your loved one or for yourself. It is also important to know what traditional cremation packages that your cremation company offers. Once you choose a preferred Maywood cremation service provider you should schedule a consultation with them so that you can discuss your specific cremation needs.

What Happens During Cremation Service

The same steps to carry out private cremation services are generally followed by most cremation companies. You can get an outline of the process from your cremation service provider. In general, you can expect the simple cremation process to align with the following eight steps.

  1. The mortuary will begin the cremation process when they receive permission from the family of the deceased.
  2. The mortuary will arrange the transfer of the body to be moved from the place of death to the mortuary for complete care.
  3. If a family member was present at the time of death then positive identification may not be required; however, if a family member of the deceased was not present at the time of death then a positive identification will need to be made by the next of kin. This will take place at the mortuary facility.
  4. When final arrangements have been set, the body of the deceased will be transferred to the local crematorium.
  5. An identification disc will be placed with the body of the deceased for the duration of the cremation process at the Maywood crematory. This ensures that the body is always identifiable.
  6. Only private cremations are performed at the crematory. Multiple cremations will never take place in the same chamber at the same time.
  7. After the complete cremation, the cremated remains will be collected and placed in a temporary cremation urn. Then the remains will be transferred back to the mortuary.
  8. After Maywood cremation, a variety of memorial services can take place at the mortuary’s facility. Additionally, internment services can be arranged to take place at the final resting place of the deceased.

The cremation company you choose will follow these general cremation steps; however, they may vary slightly depending on the cremation company and the crematorium that they use.

Affordable Cremation Service Packages

It is important for many families to plan cremation services within a specific budget. To do this it is important to know the cremation pricing during the planning process. Factors that will increase or decrease the price for local cremation near you include:

  • Memorial services
    • Viewing service
    • Visitation service
    • Eulogy service
    • Disposition ceremony
    • Post-burial reception
  • Burial plot or mausoleum entombment
  • Cost of cremation
  • Transportation fees
  • Permit fees
  • Additional add-on purchases

For families that are looking for cheap cremation options, there are three different ways that pricing can be quoted.

First, the family can choose a cremation service package. A cremation service package will include all of the necessary steps for complete cremation services. Some memorial services will be included, too.

Second, the family can pick individual services separately. Cremation companies put packages together with the most requested services, so this option may not be as financially beneficial as choosing a package.

Third, the family can choose direct cremation services. Direct cremation services do not include any formal memorial services that are set up by the cremation company. Additionally, they are not scheduled or attended. This is the most affordable cremation service available.

For an additional fee, the family can schedule the cremation so that they can attend the insertion of the cremation container.

You can expect to pay less than $3,000 for traditional cremation services with memorial services. You can expect to pay a little more than $1,000 for direct cremation services in Maywood. Any add-ons that you purchase will also impact the total cost of cremation services that you will pay out of pocket.

Add-Ons for Cremation Services

Additional services are offered by cremation companies to help family members mourn and celebrate the life of their loved one. Remembrance services, anniversary services, and a celebration of life services are all things that can be added on, too.

There are also keepsake and memorialization items that can be specially made to honor the life of the deceased. Items include jewelry that can contain a small portion of the deceased’s ashes. There are also items that can be engraved with the name and dates of the life and death of the deceased. Examples of these items include wristwatches, pocket knives, charms, and more. Larger memorialization items include garden stones, paver bricks, and memorial benches.

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